Introduction to Malaysia Anti-Corruption Agencies

10 Lessons
01 Hour

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Course Description

This course provides an introduction to the former Anti-Corruption Agencies in Malaysia, including their mission, vision, objectives, goals, and role in combating corruption in Malaysia. Participants will learn about the history of MACC and its impact on the nation, as well as the significance of MACC to the government, private sector, and society as a whole. The module will also cover the Chief Commissioners of MACC, their contributions, and the challenges they faced during their tenure. Moreover, learners will also be exposed to the check and balance mechanism of MACC. 


What You Will Learn

  1. To familiarize you with the responsibility and mission of anti-corruption agencies in Malaysia. 
  2. To help you learn about check and balance mechanism of MACC. 
  3. To provide you with knowledge of the jurisdiction of the anti-corruption enforcement in Malaysia.


Course Lessons

The first lesson is a brief introduction to this course on the former anti - corruption agencies in Malaysia? We will be highlighting the common questions and perceptions of the public.

To have a general overview of Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC). We will be looking into the history of the development of MACC.

Understand the initiatives of the National Anti-Corruption Plan as well as the check and balance mechanism in MACC. The check and balance plays an important role in ensuring MACC fulfils its mission in preventing corruption in Malaysia.

Learners will have a better understanding of the functions of MACC.

To learn about the contributions and initiatives that the leaders of MACC have implemented in fighting corruption.

To learn about the roles of MACC in fighting corruption.

Why is there a need of a anti-corruption agency such as MACC? In this lesson, we will discuss the significance of MACC to the nation.

To understand the impact and contribution that MACC has on the nation in fighting corruption.

Other than MACC, there are also other anti-corruption agencies in the nation who are combating corruption too. Learners will be exposed to the other anti-corruption agencies and also to understand their functions and responsibilities.

Learners are required to go through an assessment to evaluate their understanding of the anti-corruption agencies and their function in fighting corruption in Malaysia.

Introduction to Malaysia Anti-Corruption Agencies
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Jan 02, 2024 - Dec 31, 2024
1 Course
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This bundle includes :
Introduction to Malaysia Anti-Corruption Agencies
10 Lessons
01 Hour